7 New Tech Advancements in Automobile Industry

We are in a technology-driven world where every industry is implementing new ways to improvise on their solutions while also reducing the carbon footprint. The automobile industry is very much like the other industries in using new technology and innovations. They have been working with technology organizations to produce the most exceptional, comfortable, and secure cars in the market. Here are the new tech advancements that are worth noticing.

Predictive automobile technology

More manufacturers are working with AI and machine learning to implement predictive capacities to customize the driving experience. The manufacturers are implementing algorithms that can use data to customize settings in a car. Soon the automobiles can start using IoT gadgets to follow voice commands. Predictive learning will help the car owners in finding out if their car needs a service.


Automatic high-beam control

Automatic high-beam lights are a new update to cars that can naturally light up and dim out in accordance with the moving traffic. The camera is installed in the rearview mirror and recognizes when the car is approaching traffic and automatically withdraws the high beams.

Backup cameras

Even the most basic models today are getting camera installations for backup assistance. This helps the driver to have better control of their car while putting it on the reverse. Today it is important for every vehicle under 10,000 pounds to have a rearview camera. It will prevent any unnecessary crashes to the trashcans and poles in a parking lot.

Autonomous vehicles

These are the self-driving autos that take the help of sensors, cameras, and EPS motor, brake actuators, laser scanners to drive by itself. While there are only a few projects available today, we can expect a more comfortable ride soon with driverless auto. This technological progression will reduce the risk of accidents and traffic congestions.

GPS vehicle tracking

GPS vehicle tracking

The advanced GPS tracking system can track the position of a vehicle at regular intervals. It is helpful for parents who have safety concerns for their kids when they learn to drive alone. With the use of the internet, the GPS device attached to a vehicle can provide the live location of the vehicle. Organizations and transporters also use these devices

V2V communication

Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication is an innovative technology that enables vehicles to communicate with their vehicles on the road. It will help the vehicles to get the message from the vehicle in the front in case it is suddenly slowing down or turning. It will prevent any accidents and crashes during automated driving.

Automatic liftgates

Automated liftgates can make the shopping experience so much easier when both of your hands are full. The automated liftgates can automatically lift-up when they detect your key near the fob. The first car model for implementing this technology was Ford Escape in 2013. It is still the most convenient automobile available in the market.


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