The Most Important Truck Driving Safety Tips

The presence of a truck on the road is usually a concern for other road users. This is due to the considerable amount of dangers that trucks bring to both small and large vehicles but also to pedestrians. A single driving mistake made by a truck driver can cause serious consequences for other road users due to its large size. Trying to find a solution to this truck problem, some countries allow trucks to only drive at night in larger cities. Below are 5 valuable tips every truck driver should follow.

_1) Respect the traffic rules and breaks_

To circulate on the roads you must be in perfect psychophysical conditions, so it is obviously forbidden to drive in case of alcohol or drugs. Speed limits must be respected, no objects are allowed in the passenger compartment that could obstruct the view and finally it is necessary to respect the rest times, a matter that we will resume in point 5. Employers must verify that their employees comply with all these rules without doubt may seem obvious but it is always best to remember!

_2) Locking of the vehicle wheels_

Parked vehicles can pose a danger if the wheels are not locked correctly. Before leaving the vehicle, the driver must therefore switch off the vehicle and lock the wheels correctly. The employer must ensure that the wheel chocks are in perfect condition and that they are used.

_3) Safe hooking and unhooking_

Many accidents occur during the coupling of vehicles, so the haulier must move with the tractor in the direction of the trailer during coupling. The employer must ensure that the hooking and unhooking operations are carried out correctly. This is true for any heavy duty towing that may be necessary.

_4) Proper load securing, no overloading_

Another very delicate phase is the securing of the load which must be flawless to avoid falls or overturns. The worker must therefore secure the goods during the loading, transport and loading phases and the employer must establish the rules according to which to carry out the various operations in total safety.

The problem of truckers when on the road usually starts with improperly placed cargo. The normal weight of a loaded trailer truck is said to be eighty thousand (80,000) pounds, typically truck drivers find it quite difficult when on the road if their cargo has not been loaded well.

The majority of accidents involving trucks are caused by ones that have been improperly loaded or overloaded, which typically causes truck drivers to lose control and essentially puts the lives of other road users at risk when it occurs. an accident.

_5) Say no to fatigue_

Fatigue or sleepy driving is a major obstacle for road users. This is a huge challenge for even the most experienced drivers. Truck drivers are advised not to drive in a state of drowsiness due to the very high danger of death that doing so poses both to other truckers and to drivers of small cars.

Some of the dangers associated with drowsy driving are:

* Poor reaction when you should turn the steering wheel or use the brakes to avoid an accident;
* The inability of drivers to pay attention to the road, road signs and what is happening;
* A bad effect on a driver’s ability to make driving decisions quickly.

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